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Get to the base work!!! (choppa!)

So after being a complete lazy b***** since my marathon I've decided to get a grip and get the miles back in the bank. I'm actually running not too bad at the moment despite the fact I had a womb of an abscess on my gum for 3 weeks.

I was pretty gutted that came about because, the night before the my gum decided to turn into Gemma Collins, I smashed out my best session since the marathon. This involved 18km worth of 1km on/off. For those of you who don't know what this it's basically run a 1km hard and for your recovery you're running 1km at fairly brisk pace. This is what happens when you move up to the marathon. You become addicted to the long sessions and the benefits they produce.

It felt so god damn good to be running strong again and feeling like an athlete who could smash out a good time for the half. And then the abscess came along.

I was literally in pain for a couple of days and then the dentist finally seen me. As soon as I walked in he looked at me and said:

"that's massive I'm not even going to touch that"

To which I replied "Why thank you" and winked.

He clearly didn't take creepy joke as a joke and motioned to me to lay down on that mad chair they tell all their victims to sit on. After a few minutes of prodding, my gum that is, he told I needed a massive dose (I know what you're thinking reader you dirty bugger)......of anti-biotics . 3000mg of amoxicillan for 5 days!

Just as I was coming back into good shape again!!! But oh well just as well there isn't any races coming up. This mini break has given some time to think about my next target. I was supposed to be doing London as I qualified for the championship start. Oh yeah I should mention that I ran 2:44:39 for my marathon debut in Frankfurt. I was pretty god damn stoked about that considering it was my first ever marathon. Maybe I should've taken up the sport of marathon running years ago??

So I've decided that my next target is going to be building that aerobic base again. This is going to involve running lots of miles at various paces until i'm lovely and aerobically strong to handle the big sessions I plan to do.

However, this involves running in public places/parks etc and I think we can all agree that during this lock down caper............the general public have became worse! Literally running towards people and they don't move. I ran by one woman at the start of lock down. She was down in the street, in a floral dress which had probably been in her wardrobe since the summer of 69 and eating a panini at the same time.

First of all no I'm not describing the song 'Pretty Woman'. This actually happened.

Her partner/husband/subordinate was walking beside and seen that I was running towards them and moved to the side. Almost immediately she grabbed his arm and forced into his original position which was in my way.

Being the great guy I was moved on to the road. As I ran by the woman said:

"why should I move for that wee skinny b******????"

Yeah this happens all the time.

However, on the way back. Drum roll please. They're walking by the waterfront in Gourock. Little do they need that there are baby seagulls on the path and the parents are swooping for anything or anyone that gets close.

In the distance I can see this floral dress wearing, panini eating, foul mouthed heathen ducking for her life as the seagulls swoop for her. It was a great site to see if i'm being honest. I usually hated seagulls however this was beautiful. It was like in the Lord Of The Rings when Gandalf summons the eagles.

Being a massive lord of the rings fan this is sort of stuff I think of during my runs.

Anyways hope you enjoy this first snippet. It's only a few minutes of reading however as my journey continues there'll be more miles and stories from my training runs.



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